Participating artists /
Roos Beute, Nick Dickinson, Laurens Hebly, Thijs van Himbergen, Katsche Platz, Obbe Tiddens


We humans have become masters in creating a mess of the essential fluid that sustains us. The earth now has a wide variety of dirty waters and most people are oblivious to the man-made shit that floats in them. Half-eaten sandwiches, plastic bottles, sewage, heavy metals, poisons, nuclear waste.

Not your typical subjects of inspiration, right? Well, that depends on who you ask.

‘Dirty water’ is the vantage point for a new exhibition at the Schatjes gallery in Amsterdam; a creative space in the Red Light District where imperfection and experimentation are the norm and where ‘dirty’ is not necessarily a negative thing.

Ideas and artistic work will be presented somewhat ready, perhaps as they are being made, maybe not even close to being done. You might like what you see, you might not. It will be a constantly evolving collection of collaborative creative processes around all things dirty and watery; a wild, hopefully eye-opening, mind-bending and perception-stretching ‘dirty water’ ride.

We have invited a number of artists to participate and interpret the subject in their own way: to create something and add to the dialogue. We are also very open to new initiatives and welcome you to take part.