Katsche Platz

You, as a man: Have you ever peed and watched the lines of your pee creating an image? Some kind of „missing piece of a puzzle” within the environment, that currently gave you protection and freedom to pee? It can be a place that you visited by chance, once in your lifetime or maybe even every day? A line created by light and shadow, the floortiles, the urinal or the flow of your pee within the basin?

Maybe you did. Maybe you didn’t. I do. And I still do see these patterns when I go for a pee in bars, restaurants, offices, galleries or even when taking a pee in the wilderness. Maybe it derives from my personal sick need to organise and arrange things – the same need that creates a bad feeling, when a pen is lying „wrong“ on the table next to a computers keyboard. On the other hand, the series „Peesymmetry” might express the desperate human wish, that a personal, yet unimportant act may have something like a purpose, a meaning or even was predestined. The missing pee in the puzzle. On the other hand – yes, the third one – all these patterns, when looking at them just close and long enough, may only look like penis.


Peesymmetry_Series 1.1 animated